Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources


01. "The Bible Project" 
The animated Bible resource with amazing graphics, contents and bible reading plan.

02. Daily Devotion

The following links will help to give the inspirations to your daily christian life.


03. Recommended Bibles Versions

Varities of Bible translations give different insight to understand God's words. We recommend as below:

English Bible -  NKJ, MEV, NLT,

Chinese Bible - NIV/RCUV


04. Bible Apps

Bible Apps is available on most smart phones and devices, we recommend the following:

Bible (You Version) - It offers personalised bible reading plan.

Bible Gateway -  Free Bible audio reading in both English and Chinese. An alternative way to learn Bible for audio learners in particular. Convenient when driving or commuting to work/school. 

Got Questions -  Not only it offers answers that the common asked questions, but also offers useful interpretations of Bible verses.


For other relevant details please click links below:

Recommended Messages 

How to Lead Someone to Jesus Christ 

Recommend Books